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Can give you a Fake Smile :)

Assalamualaikum . I'm brOKen right now . No , I don't brOKen , but I can make a Fake Smile . Its okay dear , you can't be like this , you need to stay strong okay :) maybe you will get a superb boyfriend than him :) I know you strong , just smile always :) . Don't give up dear :) and don't try to hurt yourself like this negative things okay :) smile dear :) . But skyffall , by the way thanks for giving me some support like this stupid conditions . Really damn it . Erghh :/ . Actually when he said 'hope don't mind' , exactly I mind about it cause it will make my heart more pain ... . Hmm , I think I feel like I hate myself right now . Why I'm still alive ? I think enough for me to say here . I will continue back to my really and really diary .